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BizTalk X-ref Manager is a BizTalk cross reference data management tool . This tool provides BizTalk developers ability to create, manage, deploy BizTalk cross reference data with ease and human readable way. Currently this tool supports management of AppType, AppInstance, XrefTypes, IDXrefData, ValueXrefData.

1. This tool is stand alone .
2. X-Ref xml files can be directly used as data source.
3. XML files can be Viewed and updated in a tabuler format.
4. XML files can be directly deployed using BTSXrefImort.exe without any custom batch file.
5. After deployment data can be valided pointing the tool to the appropriate BizTalk management DB.
6. Already deployed X-ref data can be extracted and backed up before deployment.

Features to be included in future:
1. Comparison between Sources.
2.Custom DB storage facility.
3.Management of Message defination , Message Text data

Note: Please make sure the X-Ref xml file uses following namespace before importing them in the tool.
Documentation is included in the download package
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