BizTalk X-ref Manager is a BizTalk cross reference data management tool. Here is how to use the tool effectively given below.
Download and extraction:
1.1 Download the tool from Codeplex (don’t download the source code, it does not contain all the artifacts.)
1.2 A .zip file will be downloaded. Extract the zip to get the .exe and the Config .
1.3 Config file contains default values. We will talk about configuration values later.
How to Use:
2.1 Run the BizTalk.X-Ref.Manager.exe to open following UI.
Here you get options to manage/create Xref, Export already loaded Xref , deploy Xref.
Manage/Create X-Ref :
2.2 Click on “management” -> “Select Source for view/Edit” to select your source. This will open a new window like below. You can choose any of the source type of your choice. Please not the following points while choosing you source type.
a. If you are trying to create X-Ref from scratch then select “New Blank Source”. This will ask for a folder location to store the data in files. File names are given in Config file. If you want to change the file names you can update the config values as you like. Sample Config values are shown below.
key="ListOfAppType" value="ListOfAppType.xml" />
key="ListOfAppInstance" value="ListOfAppInstance.xml" />
key="ListOfIdXRef" value="ListOfIdXRef.xml" />
key="ListOfValueXRef" value="ListOfValueXRef.xml" />
key="ListOfIdXRefData" value="ListOfIdXRefData.xml" />
key="ListOfValueXRefData" value="ListOfValueXRefData.xml" />

b. If you already have X-Ref files that you want to edit of view please select the “File Soure” This will ask for the folder location where files are stored. The tool will expect files with the name given in the config file as shown above. All the files must be present in the folder. Files must use the namespace xmlns=""
c. If you have already deployed your X-Ref files to the BizTalk system and whant to validate or extract the data then choose BizTalk Management Database Source. Edit functionality is not available here. Please provide a Valid BT management DB connection string, with Read access .

Once you have selected appropriate source, you can browse the source from “view” Option.
a. App Type: Select the “App Type” from view to load app types in the source and add or Edit them. Click on save once you are done to reflect the changes in the next level.
b. App Instances: Select the “App Instances” from view to load app instances in the source and add or Edit them. Click on save once you are done to reflect the changes in the next level.
c. Xref Types: Select the “Xref Types” from view to load Xref Types in the source and add or Edit them. Click on save once you are done to reflect the changes in the next level.
d. Xref Common Values: Select the “Xref Common Values” from view to load Xref Common Values in the source and add or Edit them. Change the drop done list of Xref Types the select the appropriate type for which Common value needs to be added or edited. Do not Click on save once you are done adding a new common. You must add at least one app value for newly added common value before you can save. If you are deleting only then you can click save.
e. Xref Data By App: Select the “Xref Data By App” from view to load App Values in the source and add or Edit them. Click on save once you are done.


App Type.gif App instance.gif Xref Types.gif
Common Values.gif App Values.gif

3. Click on “Import/Export”-> Export to File to export any of the preloaded sources to a folder. File names will be same as given in the config file.

4. Click on deploy to deploy an exported source to a Biztalk server. First BTSxrefImport.Exe needs to be selected then the setup file. Set up file will be auto generated when you export a source. If you have already loaded data in BizTalk server, those needs to be cleaned us manually before deployment.

Please Send mail for any question or Bug report directly to the author. You can get author contact in the about of the tool. Also you can post it in CodePlex .

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